The Ultimate List of Stock Photo Sites

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Stock photos are a great tool for bloggers and entrepreneurs alike. There are so many, but it can be very overwhelming to track them all down. I started looking through different websites for my own information a few days ago, and thought this might be something that everyone could use. This list contains 141 different websites all containing stock photos that you can access in one way or another. There are free sites, sites that give away a certain amount for free and then have paid options, and finally there are paid sites. So without further ado here is The Ultimate List of Stock Photo Sites.

The Ultimate Stock Photo Website List - This is a list of 141 different websites that have great quality stock photos for personal and commercial use. These sites range from free to paid, from a single photographer to a bunch of them.

Free Stock Photo Sites

  1. Kaboompics – Free stock photos best used for lifestyle, interior design and specialized bloggers.
  2. Little Visuals – Receive 7 stock photos every 7 days via email. This site has beautiful landscape and architectural photos.
  3. Stock Vault – Free stock photos. They have a huge selection, over 110,000 with new ones added every day. Some of their most popular photo genres are: people, graphics, illustrations, textures, backgrounds, and nature.
  4. Life of Pix – A free site with high resolution photos. They highlight a new photographer each week, and you can follow your favorite photographers to see when they upload new pictures.
  5. Free Nature Stock – Nature photos. There is one new photo added to the site every day.
  6. Stokpic – They send 10 photos every 2 weeks. There are lots of lifestyle and food pictures.
  7. Re:Splashed – This site has great HD landscape and architectural photos.
  8. Startup Stock Photos – All kinds of photos that are completely free.
  9. Gratisography – Free high resolution photographs in the genres of: animals, nature, objects, people, urban, and whimsical.
  10. New Old Stock – Black and white, sepia, vintage photos that are taken from the public archives.
  11. Pexels – 30,000+ high quality photos. They add around 100 new ones per day.
  12. Splitshire – Free photos and videos.
  13. Jay Mantri – Free photographs from photographer Jay Mantri.
  14. Unsplash – Free high resolution photos. They also send their best photos via email.
  15. Pixabay – Free pictures, videos, vectors, and art illusions.
  16. Travel Coffee Book – Photos from various places around the world.
  17. Magdeleine – This site has a wide variety of high resolution photographs, a new one is added every day.
  18. Jeshoots – Trendy photos in the genres of: animals, background, city, food, mock ups, nature, people and technology.
  19. Cupcake – This website has a small amount of high resolution photos. If you like them the photographer has a store where you can buy more.
  20. Plixs – A wide variety of free photos and vectors.
  21. StockSnap – This site adds hundreds of free photos every week. It has a great search feature.
  22. FancyCrave – Emotionally driven stories. These are dramatic photos.
  23. Good Free Photos – There are a lot of great photos for travel blogs.
  24. LibreShot – Beautiful photos with muted tones.
  25. I’d Pin That – These are photos that have been chosen because they resemble high quality pictures on Pinterest.
  26. Rekita Nicole – Gives 11 free stock photos, girly and styled, when you sign up for her email list. Wait for the pop up. Once you are on her list, she sends stock photos to your email.
  27. Wonderlass – Sends you 15 free girly stock photos.
  28. Ashely Elle Design – 10 feminine workspace stock photos you can download for free.
  29. A Prettier Web – 7 free styled images will come to your inbox if you sign up for their email list.
  30. Dabbles and Babbles – 8 free styled, desktop photos are available.
  31. The Magical Canopy – 10 styled, feminine stock photos available for downloading.
  32. Helene in Between – 15 free styled, bright, crisp stock photos are available when signing up.
  33. Solopreneur Sidekick – Download 10 free, styled photos featuring coffee.
  34. Feminine Stock – Get access to their library, plus new images emailed every month!
  35. Negative Space – High resolution photographs of all different types.
  36. Freely Photos – Christian themed photos for free.
  37. Gold and Berry – Styled stock photos.
  38. Mara Burkes – Sends you 100+ free feminine, styled stock photos.
  39. City Girl Searching – You can sign up for her resource center and will receive access to some free styled stock photos.
  40. Shafaq O – When you sign up for her email list you will get access to a pretty large collection of stock photos.
  41. Hello You Designs – Sign up for their newsletter and you will get a password that will allow you to access all of their freebies including stock photos.
  42. Make Your Blog Beautiful – When you subscribe to their email you will get 20 free stock photos sent to your inbox, and they send more each month.
  43. Elle Westley Creative – You will receive 5 free styled pictures when signing up for her newsletter.
  44. Amber Creative Co – When you sign up to be apart of her vault you get access to a ton of freebies including stock photos.
  45. PicXClicX – A large variety of different pictures from photographer and blogger Jill Levenhagen.
  46. Freepik – Over 250,000 high resolution photos available for free. These picture have a lot of empty space.
  47. Lime Lane – A variety of photographs from Lime Lane Photography in the genres of: creativity, food/drink, nature, mood, paper lovers, places/events, simple stills, and spell it out.
  48. – Simple, high resolution photographs.
  49. Public Domain Archive – Vintage and modern high quality stock photos.
  50. Skitterphoto – A variety of public domain stock photos.
  51. Scatter Jar – Delicious, free food pictures.
  52. CGScreative – Sign up for their membership and get access to their free resource library, including stock photos.
  53. Moveast – Great travel photos.
  54. Frankenfotos – This site is in German, but the photos are pretty and there are almost 500 free!
  55. BucketListly – Over 5,000 travel photos from all over the globe.
  56. Epicantus – Original photography from Daria.
  57. Splashbase – This site has free, public domain photos and videos.
  58. Photo Collections – This site has beautiful nature pictures.
  59. Shutteroo – A variety of images captured by Klaye Morrison.
  60. Barn Images – This site has a collection of free photography with outdoor, natural light.
  61. Good Stock Photos – All different kinds of free stock photos.
  62. – All different kinds of public domain photos.
  63. MMT – New photos are added every week.
  64. Photocrops – They have great landscapes and artistic photographs. You can subscribe to their newsletter to get their latest photos.
  65. Rawpixel – This site has nice staged and people pictures. They require you to subscribe to their newsletter to access them.
  66. Titania Foto – Really nice pictures. This site is in German, just a heads up.
  67. OneLeft Media – Lior Mazliah is the photographer of this site. A lot of popular brands use his stock photos. When you sign up for his newsletter you get access to the full collection, plus he sends out new ones every other Tuesday.
  68. Visual Hunt – This site has over 354 million free stock photos.
  69. Food Shot – They have a bunch of high quality food pictures.
  70. Start a Mom – When you subscribe to their newsletter they will send you stock photos to download.
  71. Lil Spaces – There are a few Christmas stock photos that you can download right there from the website.
  72. Black Dahlia Press – When you sign up for their email list they send you a bunch of freebies, including pictures!
  73. Tink and Fox – Sign up for their email list and you will get beautifully styled pictures sent to you.
  74. Burst – Get free photos for entrepreneurs sent to your inbox every week.
  75. WOCinTech – Free photos of women of color using tech.
  76. Makerbook – Stock photos for startups.
  77. SpaceX – Get access to exclusive, free pictures of SpaceX for free.

Free + Paid Stock Photo Sites

  1. Death to Stock Photo – Receive free stock photos every month via email. They also have a premium option which gives access to over 1500 photos.
  2. Picjumbo – Access to free photos, as well as emailed every month with new photos. They have a premium option which gives an extra 30 pictures a month plus an additional 3000 photos in the library available for unlimited downloads. Popular photo styles downloaded are: business, food, people, abstract, nature, and women.
  3. Snapwire Snaps – 7 free stock photos emailed every 7 days. You can also get on demand, custom photos here.
  4. IM Free – There are collections of photos that are free. There is a pro version where you get access to HD and featured photographer photos. You can also white label with this company.
  5. ISO Republic – They have tons of free pictures in the genres of: architecture, food/drink, nature, people, urban, technology, and textures. There are also premium packs of photos that are available for purchase.
  6. Picography – They have free photos of all different kinds. There are premium packs available. They add new premium collections every month.
  7. Refe Real Life – There is a combination of free and for sale pictures on this website. You just have to scroll through and go picture to picture.
  8. Foodies Feed – Great site of food pictures. Their premium option has higher quality images, and exclusive pictures.
  9. Morguefile – This site has over 300,000 stock photos many of which are free. They send out an image packet every month. Their premium allows you to edit the photos as well as gives you access to past months image packets.
  10. Haute Chocolate – Feminine and styled high quality photos. When you sign up to be on their email list they will second 2 free photos, plus a couple of free ones every month. You can become a member and get access to their full library.
  11. Wonderfelle – You can get 10 free photos. If you become a member you get access to their full library.
  12. Creative Convex – Minimalist photos with pops of colors. There are free photo packs. You can also purchase others.
  13. Boss Latina – Feminine and styled photos. They will send you 10 free stock photos. You can join their membership to get monthly photos emailed to you.
  14. CreateHER Stock – Fun, bright, girly photos. When you sign up for their email list you will receive 8 free photos. They have a membership where you can access their photos.
  15. Shay Cochrane – Chic lifestyle and flat photography. When you sign up for her email list she will send you a free stock photo each month. She also has a shop where you can buy other photos.
  16. Turquoise and Palm – Unique and stylish photography. The will send free photos to your inbox. You can also become a member. Furthermore they do photography personalized to your brand.
  17. Ivorymix – Get access to object based, girly photos for free. They have a premium membership that gives you full access to their photos.
  18. Oh Tilly – The will send you three free stock photos each month. You can also sign up for their membership to gain access to all of their photos.
  19. Simply Mama Stock Photos – Feminine and mom based stock photos. They do offer some for free when you sign up for their emails. Their membership grants you to receive their monthly downloads of high resolution pictures.
  20. Kreanille Design – They have free styled photos, patterns and mockups. You can also purchase more in their store.
  21. Twigy Posts – This site is actually a shop where you can buy beautiful photos, however they will send you 4 new ones when you sign up for their email list.
  22. CreationSwap – Christian quotes, pictures, audio and videos available for free. There is also a premium option.
  23. White Hart Design Co. – Naturally styled mockups. When you sign up for their newsletter they will send you a couple of free pictures. You can also become a member to access their full collection.
  24. Just Darlin Y’all – Get free feminine stock photos emailed to you. They also have a membership where you get 40 high resolution photos each month. One cool thing about this company is their packs are often separated by color.
  25. Tookapic – Beautiful high resolution photographs available on this site. If you’d like unlimited downloads they have a premium membership for that.
  26. The Light Painters Loft – This site has beautiful photos of people, places, and food. There is a premium option where you can get their whole library for a one time fee.
  27. Color U Bold – Receive access to tons of bright, colorful, and free stock photos and a new one mailed each month. They also have a membership where you get 3 collections of 50 photos each month.
  28. The Pic Pac – You choose how much you want to pay for a packet of photos. They have a lot of travel packets.
  29. Big Stock Photo – They give a 7 day free trial where you can download 35 stock photos. Then a subscription takes over.
  30. Canva – This is a great designing website they do however also provide free stock photos and photos for a dollar.
  31. Scarlett Ballantyne – You will a free beauty photo pack when subscribing to her newsletter. There is also a shop to purchase more.
  32. Wellness Stock Shop – This website has soft, wellness theme photos. They will email you one free photo per month, they also have a membership where you access the rest of their photos.
  33. My Squared Style – There is a free subscription that you can get. They also have a premium membership where you get 20-50 photos each month. Furthermore they will do custom photos for you.
  34. Elah Tree – Great for small businesses, shops, and bloggers. You can sign up for their newsletter to receive free photos. If you get the premium membership you can access the entire lot.
  35. Brittney Anne Custom Stock – She has really pretty, bright, feminine stock photos. There are some that are available for free and you can purchase the rest in her store.
  36. Blueprint Society – Lifestyle and editorial images. They send out one free picture every month. Then there is a catalogue where you can purchase more.
  37. Adobe Stock – When you sign up for their newsletter they will send you 10 free photos. There are various memberships that will allow you to access their library of high quality pictures and videos.
  38. 123RF – This site has beautiful photos that you can get both for free and paid.
  39. Masterfile – You can sign up to get free photos each week. Otherwise you can buy royalty free photos or subscribe. Great photos for companies.

Paid Stock Photo Sites

  1. Depositphotos – They have over 60 million royalty free images and videos ranging from people, places, illustrations, backgrounds and foods, to news and editorial pieces to HD videos. They have a flexible plan starting at $29.00. You can also pay per photo.
  2. iStock Photo – This site has a ton of royalty free photos. You can purchase them via credits or a subscription.
  3. Kate Maxwell Photography – She has a store on Etsy with really beautiful, high quality stock photos.
  4. Stock that Rocks – They have a month subscription service that gives you access to their photos, which are warm, bright and modern.
  5. Miss Poppy Design – This shop has styled desktop pictures with simple scenes and beautiful colors.
  6. Design Love Shop – Another great site for styled desktop photographs. You can also purchase custom scene generator packs.
  7. RW | Productions – These photos have beautiful colors. She also has a great black and gold series.
  8. Jacque of All Trades – Girly and bright photos available for sale.
  9. Dreamstime – This company has over 60 million royalty free images of all kinds to choose from.
  10. Shutterstock – Shutterstock has over 120 million royalty free pictures, videos, and music clips to choose from.
  11. PhotoSpin – This company has millions of royalty free images that start as low as $2 a photo.
  12. Creative Market – This site has amazing photos, really pretty styled ones.
  13. – This website has really cool photo collections, like from Life Magazine and MLB.
  14. Simply Embellished – Really clean, crisp, styled photos.
  15. Bloom and Flourish – They have great styled workspace pictures.
  16. Crystal Clear Photography AZ – Really great stock shop to choose from. Their styled photos are nice.
  17. Jenna Redfield Designs – This shop has a really wide variety of different themes for styled stock photos.
  18. Smoke and Mirror Stock – These photos have a lot of great white space in them.
  19. Paisley Barn Design – Become a member and receive 30 styled stock photos every month.
  20. Her Creative Studio – Very pretty, soft, muted colors in her pictures.
  21. DaintyDarlingCo – Styled mockups.
  22. Graphic Stock – Access over 75,000 stock photos that are royalty free.
  23. Stocksy – Different kinds of photos, artistic and high quality.
  24. Art Resource – This is a catalogue of over 1 million art pieces showcased in museums globally. Pay per pic.
  25. Getty Images – This site has really engaging images.

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Hope this helps! Did I miss any? If there are any sites that you like to get your stock photos from comment below.

xoxo, Lauren


  1. Nice list! I only knew about Unsplash and Pixabay and I was running out of images to use. Don’t think I will have that problem ever again ha – thanks for sharing this list! – Hans

  2. This. This is so….beautiful. <3333 Seriously! Thank you. Pinning this for later so I can click through for all these lovely stock photos. Next step will be learning how to take some myself!

    • Aw yay, you are so welcome! I’m totally with you, currently saving up to get a really good DSLR and off to picture taking!! 😀 😀

  3. This is going to be very useful for me! Thanks for sharing. I’m going to pin for future reference. 🙂

    • I totally know what you mean. It can be so hard to find different sites. Hope this helps!

  4. I never heard of stock photos as I want to have my own photos when doing my own blog. I guess I will bookmark this in case I will be needing such.

    • Good for you! I try to use as many of my own photos as I can, but sometimes need extra help ha.

  5. I usually try to use my own photos for my blog, but I can’t always find or get the exact shot I want. Great list for me to look through next time, thank you!

  6. this is such a great and useful post, as bloggers we are always looking for stock photos and sometimes need a new place to get them from 🙂

  7. OMGeee I am in Image heaven. I have been looking for a resource that saves me time on Images for not just my blogs but my course too. I cant thank you enough for this post Lauren. Totally rocks

  8. Thank you thank you thank you! I’ve been using just two different sights so I have been slim picking it for me posts. Thank you seriously.

  9. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this post! As a blogger, I’m always on the lookout for great stock photos, but it can take a lot of time to research good sources. I have a feeling I’ll be referring again (and again) to your post in the days to come! x

  10. Wow! This is such a great list. Seems crazy all the different stock sites that they have for photos. But it’s great knowing all of them. Now if we could have lists of social media sites that help you manage social media accounts and things like that. It would be awesome.

  11. Bloggers will benefit so much from these sites! I like that there are so many choices and some are free as well. It’s always good to have a source especially on occasions when you don’t have time to shoot your own photos.

  12. This is my new go-to list for blog photos when I can’t find one of mine to go with a post. More groovy than google image searches!

    Lorna x

  13. Thanks for taking the time to compose this list. As a blogger, I really need to have a wide variety of sources that I can search to get images related to my post.

  14. This is a great list! I’ve signed up to some of these sites in the past though and never got the free pics I was promised. I’ll definitely try some of the others though 🙂

    Louise x

    • Oh no! Do you remember which sites those were? I’ll go back and do a check and update if need be.

  15. Holy cow this is AMAZING! Thank you so much for taking the time to put this together. I’ve pinned it so I can easily come back and use it in the future when I need something good. Thanks again!

  16. This has actually been one of the most helpful articles I have found with regards to stock photo. People are always listing only 10, and it is almost always the same 10. Thank you for such a comprehensive list. Bookmarked for future reference!

    • Thank you so much! I totally know what you mean. Hopefully this list will help you out a little more in the future!

  17. THIS is indeed THE ultimate stock photos resources. LOVE LOVE LOVE this. Thank you so much for sharing with us. As content creators we always need new high resolution images.

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