The Ultimate Hygiene To-Do List for New Moms 

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The ultimate hygiene to-do list for new moms*Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something that we have recommended. While clicking these links won’t cost you any extra money, they will help us keep this site up and running!

Your little bundle of joy is finally here! Can you believe it?! Nine months of getting ready, and in one moment … BAM! You’re a mom. All of a sudden your whole world is changed. If you’re anything like me, it becomes an Everest-like feat to look like a half-functioning human being. Oh the fatigue takes over and you just can’t remember if you brushed your teeth, or showered, or when the last time you actually got dressed was. I remember at one point, I think it was when Bella was around a month old, I looked in the mirror and saw a very sad, tired-looking mess. Where the heck did my hygiene routine go?

I mean can I be real?! The transition into motherhood is a wonderful one, but it is hard and takes a lot of time. I have never dealt with anything that is so all-consuming, and relentless. I forgot myself, granted half of that was because I was a walking zombie. That moment I decided to do something about it.

I love to-do lists. I live off of them. If I don’t put something on a to-do list, it doesn’t get done. So I decided to create a hygiene to-do list. Something that I would go through every day, before I tried to do anything else. I needed to feel good about myself again. I was tired of the constant bed head, stained shirts, and dark circles under my eyes. Time to start feeling like a human again. Furthermore, I really wanted to give my daughter a good example, even in her young age, of how to take care of herself.

Thus the Ultimate Hygiene To-Do List was born. There are times I don’t do everything on this list. For example, sometimes I don’t get dressed. I stay in my pjs all day. The difference is, I actually make a choice to stay in my pjs, it doesn’t just happen by accident.

1. Brush & Floss Teeth

This sounds simple, but in a sleep starved state it can be really hard to remember if you did this, when you did this, how many times you did this. Get your teeth looking pretty and feel accomplished by checking it off the list! I really like using Thieves Toothpaste, and adding 2 drops of Orange Essential Oil (this helps freshen breath and keep those teeth pearly white). I also like to add in oil pulling when I can.

2. Facial Care

Wash your face. Take the 3 minutes and wash your face. It doesn’t have to be a facial, heck just throw some water on it or use some cleansing wipes if that’s all you have grace for. You’ll feel like a brand new person. Something that I like to use in addition to my cleanser, toner, and moisturizer is Healthy Habits DermaTox facial spray. I spray my face with it through-out the day and it helps keep my skin looking vibrant and fresh. I like to pair it with a couple of drops of Lavender, Geranium, and Frankincense essential oils for an extra boost. Also, a night cream does wonders. Put some on your sweet face, and let it do its magic!

3. Shower

Even if it’s just washing your body and skipping hair, when the baby goes down for a nap hop in the shower for a two-minute rinse. If you’re nervous about that, wait until someone else is home and can watch the baby for you, so you can relax and enjoy your shower. You’ve earned it! You’ll start to feel like yourself in no time! Bonus, add a shower bomb for some added zest. Furthermore, do not underestimate the power of dry shampoo. Seriously, it can be a Godsend.

4. Lotion

Take care of your skin, again this is something that can just go by the wayside. I personally like to put lotion on after the shower because it makes my skin softer, but I know people who do it right before bed too.

5. Deodorant

This is a big one. True story here guys, I don’t know how many times I meant to put on deodorant and forgot during the first month of my daughter’s little life. I’d mean to do it. I’d look at it and tell myself to not forget it, and bam I’d remember an hour later that I forgot to put deodorant on. Personally, I always feel much better with it on. If you can go all natural, God bless ya!

6. Shave

Take a look down at the legs and armpits every once in a while (again if you can go all natural, God bless ya!), and take a couple of minutes and shave if they’re too hairy. It’s okay to feel good about yourself, and a little sexy too. You’re a mom. That doesn’t change the fact that it feels good to feel good.

7. Get Dressed

Now I’m not saying you have to dress to the nines here, but get out of the pajamas and sweats. At the very least, put on some cute leggings and a workout top. This was a big one for me. I tend to dress on the overly casual side of the spectrum as it is, so when I became a mom I really had to put an effort into upping my game a little. Most days I wear workout clothes, because it’s easier to handle with the baby. There’s something about choosing an outfit that can really break a fuddy duddy streak.

8. Do Hair

With mom hood can come the worst of the worst case of eternal bed head. I don’t even understand how it happens. I used to not do anything with my hair and it was 9 million times better than now. So even if it’s just throwing your hair back in a ponytail, or a braid, or a cute bun, it’ll help combat the bed head. You can find some ideas for cute, fast, and easy hairstyles here.

9. Put on Make-Up

If you’re a make-up wearer, throw some on every now and again. I’ve never been one to really go to town with make-up, but right now a little mascara and eyeliner make a world of difference. If I’m feeling fancy I may throw on a subtle lipstick of some sort. I know this isn’t exactly hygiene, but I think it goes hand in hand.

10. Eat Food & Drink Liquids

Okay, okay I know that this isn’t a hygiene item, but it is so important. When Bella was first born it felt like a huge feat to get basic things done. Sleeping, showering, going to the bathroom, eating, and drinking seemed to always compete with each other. I actually had to put eating and drinking on my list because when I’m exhausted I tend to not eat. I just want to sleep. However, that kind of thinking is not good when it comes to recovering after labor and keeping my nutrients up so I can breastfeed the baby. If you need help in this area don’t be afraid to ask. My husband would make me peanut butter toast with bananas and honey (I craved this) every morning while I was breastfeeding Bella. It helped me out so much because when she went back to sleep, I could go back to sleep as well.

11. Take Vitamins

Again, I know this isn’t a hygiene task, however it is so important, especially if you are breastfeeding! I don’t know about you, but vitamins can be something that easily slip my mind. I definitely feel it when I don’t take them right now.

This can seem like overkill, especially if you’ve never been a mom. Trust me. Sometimes it really helps just to see these things to help you remember them. Being a mom is the most wonderful thing ever, and caring for that sweet, little baby is definitely priority number one. Yet that doesn’t mean that you can’t and shouldn’t take care of your hygiene needs.

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