My Sad Elephant Sound

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When you are entering parenthood for the first time you tend to think that you can handle it. I know I did. You read the baby books. Then talk with your doctors. You are on top of the world. No challenge is too great for you to handle. You got this.

Then you have a baby, and you realize all of your prep is either being put to the test or thrown out the window. You feel in over your head and have no idea which way is up and which way is down half the time. So you are brought to the end of yourself, and it is glorious.

As time goes on you find your groove and begin to put on the super parent cape. Nothing can stop you from being an awesome parent. You are knocking those developmental growths and leaps like a champ. You know your baby better than anyone and they are thriving because of it.  There are no challenges that you can’t handle… however there are some that might push you down for a second, though you leap right back up.

You are a part of a global club: the parent. The joys and the struggles that come with parenting are known and felt worldwide, and so is the empathy. You have strengths and you have weaknesses. This happens to be a story of one of my weaknesses…

My sad elephant sound story

When my daughter was a wee little lass (well a wee-er little lass) she used to love to sit on my lap and play with the animals hanging from her activity mat. Oh the colors and textures would just enthrall her and we would sit there for quite some time as she studied these majestic creatures.

The monkey with the green and orange ears that crinkle and the star he was holding would be the first one we’d start with. Oh she loved hearing tales of the monkey and his adventures in the jungle. What fun to crinkle those little ears and feel the texture of the star, and his sound “Oo Oo Ah Ah.” Wonderful.

Next came the giraffe. Such a bright orange with a blue felt mane. A delight for the eyes no doubt. He holds a yellow flower that jingles. Now that is tremendous fun. Oh we’d grab him and shake him around to our hearts’ desire. Then we would make some grunts and pretend he was running through the plains of Africa. Clop clop clop clop.

The third animal happens to be my favorite. A bold yellow, with crinkly feet, and a multi-colored mane. You guessed it. The lion. I would always spend a little extra time on the lion because I love them so much. I would do big roars and baby roars, scenes from The Lion King. It was a whole spectacle. Bella loved every single minute of it. Yet even with all of my theatrics, the lion was not her favorite. No, no. I saved her favorite for last.

The elephant. Giant of the Serengeti. A spectacle to behold. Yes the elephant was her favorite choice and one could easily see why. Blue on the front, striped on the back, polka dot crinkly ears, and then a red and orange ring to play with at the bottom. On top of all of that it jingles when you move it. Guys this is the pinnacle of activity center animal dangle toys. We would play and play with the elephant and then it came. The time for me to make an elephant sound.

I got my arm ready to be the trunk and the sound that should have come out was a loud and bellowing baraaag came out as a sad little brr-nrr. What the heck is that?! Brr-nrr?? Immediately I was ashamed at myself. This was hands down the saddest elephant sound I had ever heard. It sounded more like a goose dying than an elephant playing in the plains of Africa. Immediately I was torn. I wanted to play with this little toy because Bella loved it so much. But how could I teach my little girl this awful sound for such an amazing creature?

I decided to pretend that everything was fine. A three month old wouldn’t know the difference right? So on we went. Brr-nrr, day in and day out. Until one day, one day I felt a presence behind me as I was teaching Bella this sounds elephant sound. I look up (we were sitting on the ground) and I see my husband silently chuckling. Once our eyes met he burst out into a full on cackle, belly laughing for the next 10 minutes.

That was the end of me attempting to make my sad elephant sound a thing. Well you win some, you lose some in parenting, but if you can maintain your sense of humor you’ll get some great stories. You all have some funny stories? Comment below, would love to share in the laughter.

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