In My Heart I’m a Dancer

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In My Heart I'm a Dancer: When I was a child I loved to dance, still do, the only problem was/is I'm not great at it and for now I will continue to do it every chance I get!

To quote the movie Wild Hogs, “The music moves me, it just moves me ugly.” Ha ha, that line always cracks me up. Maybe because it rings so true.

When I was a child I loved to dance, still do, the only problem was/is I’m not great at it. My dad used to call me Ally McBeal (If you are too young to get that reference the show is on Netflix) because I danced like her. It didn’t stop me though. I would just giggle and continue on. I can’t help it, the rhythm gets me and my body must move. Think the end scene of Hitch. Side note, how many of you all love that movie?! I haven’t seen it in forever, but it is one of my favorite rom coms! This is how I dance. I feel one with this scene, haha.

Oh to have moves. To be one of those cool people who can just bust out dancing and not look like a flamingo who just ate a bad shrimp tripping over a rock. I watch these dancing shows and I dream. My heart longs to be one of those people. I so admire their grace and body control. Sigh.

Don’t get me wrong, I have rhythm, like really good rhythm. I just don’t have moves. I dance weird, but I dance in time. If only my limbs could do what my brain is thinking. There must be a way!

So I have resolved to take a dance class. Hip hop dance to be exact. Granted I’ve resolved to do this for the last two years, and it hasn’t happened. Sometimes life just gets in the way, you know what I mean? It’s hard to pop and lock when your belly has become boulder sized because of the baby living inside it.

There is another side to this though, the freedom from dancing like a four year old. Seriously, it’s oddly freeing. Remember that episode of FRIENDS where Phoebe and Rachel run in the park and Rachel gets all embarrassed because Phoebe runs like a maniac? That kind of feeling.

Fortunately there are places where people like myself can dance without judgement. There are two to be exact. The first one is my house. Whether it be music from the radio, me singing, or heck even a commercial jingle off I go. Thankfully my eight month daughter gets a huge kick out of when I dance. Her little giggle encourages me to dive deeper into the music, deeper into the dance… Lord willing I’m not passing this on to her. She is already much cooler than I am however, so I think there’s hope.

The second place is weddings. This is where I shine. Everyone is usually self-conscious and trying to figure out any way to muster up courage to get on the dance floor. Enter Lauren. With a goober-ish smile on my face and joy in my soul my dancing feet can’t keep away from that linoleum square floor. Oh they whisper and judge at first until they start to feel it. The rhythm. The freedom. Timidly they step onto the dance floor. Their feet start going and the laughs start roaring.

I have influenced many a bad dance sessions. But hey. We can’t all have the same gift. So maybe I’m the ugly duckling of the dance world. Maybe I will or will not ever take a dance lesson. By the way, if that day comes and I actually become a good dancer you will hear about it. But for now I’m pretty dang happy with my Ally McBeal moves, and I will continue to badly dance my heart out every chance I get! How about you? Any weird things that you do that make you, you?

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  1. This is really an interesting article. You composed in a fun way! I enjoyed reading it. Always dance like no one is watching, So you may get some more confidence!
    Enjoy ~

  2. Sweet article! I too have always wanted to be a dancer and didn’t last in ballet much past 16 when one of my instructors says I was “big-boned”. I got back into modern dance in university and cut my fair share of rugs at local clubs around the world, but that label never left me and I still think about it to this day! Like you say, our houses can be a venue 🙂 I always think of that saying :Dance like no one is watching. Now I am knocking on the door of my 40s and I just don’t care 😉

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