Dear Mom Who’s Having One of Those Days

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Dear mom who’s having one of those days,

Man alive we try to pretend these days don’t exist. However every once in a while it seems like our superwoman cape just can’t stay on tight enough and falls to the floor. Oh this happens for a multitude of reasons, not the least being we’ve finally pushed ourselves too hard for too long.

Sure these days don’t come along all that often. Thanks to things like coffee, yoga, and deep breathing we mental yoda ourselves into a place of peace and joy. But every once in a while we have had enough. We have come to the end of ourselves and in fact beyond that point and just need a break, right? I mean there’s only so much parenting you can take sometimes.

Remember the days when you could get up when you wanted, leisurely take a shower, and actually have time to actually practice self care? Me either. But we don’t mind it us moms. Because there is something so much more. We’ve learned that the key to happiness is in laying down our lives for another. Most days we don’t mind the ridiculous amount of work that we do to ensure that our families are happy. Some days a mom just needs more than .000732 seconds of peace and quiet, maybe more like an hour or two… at least.

So this letter is to you, you superwoman mom. I’m not going to give you the 10 ways to make these days better. You’re probably already doing them anyway. Because that’s what you do. You constantly work to be the best even when you feel you’re at your worst. I just want to tell you…

You. Are. The. Best. Mom. Ever.

You are. That little guilty voice that tries to creep in when you’re having one of those days is stupid. It’s a liar, and a punk for trying to kick you when you’re down. It’s okay that sometimes the superwoman cape hangs lower than we’d like, or heck seems to fall off completely. That’s just called being a human being.

Dear mom having one of those days - A letter to moms who need a little encouragement when parenting can take a hard turn.

But see, you’re amazing! No matter how many times that cape falls down you pick it right back up. Bravo mom! You are a hero! I know you don’t hear it enough, so let me say it personally to you.

You are the absolute perfect person to parent that/those kiddo(s). God gave you that sweet one because He knew that YOU were the best person in the whole world for all of time to raise them. Pretty awesome right?!

And yeah, so you’re having an off day. You love your family more than anything else. Love covers a multitude of sins, and the way you make your family thrive is complete evidence of that. Every day you wake up and sacrificially love your family. You put your needs last and throw a smile on your face and allow them to stand on your shoulders.

So keep doing your thing you wonderful, spectacular, inspirational human! Raising kids is not for the faint of heart… or body. Anyone else deal with the freakish phenomenon that is kid strength?!

You are doing a fantastic job at motherhood, and you’ve got it together far more than you think you do. Tomorrow will be a better day. Though there’s pain in the night, joy comes in the morning.

So don’t give up. Don’t let this day take you down. It’s just that, a day. It doesn’t mean you’re a bad mom. It means you’re having an off day. Know that you are valued, loved, needed, and important. Those children literally depend on you for their every need, and yeah that can be a lot of pressure. However the fire that burns inside of you is far great than the one on the outside that’s trying to take you down.

You are a light and a love to those around you. Keep doing your thing mama!

Deep breaths.

Love and Blessings,

Lauren Roberts - Wonderstruck Life

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