7 Effective Ways to Stay Motivated

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Ah motivation. One of life’s fickle of qualities. It ebbs and flows depending upon a plethora of reasons: circumstances, moods, successes, failures, thoughts, physical needs and wants, etc. We have all had those days where motivation seemed elusive. How on earth can we ever get it?

Personally, this has been a season in my life where I have to work extra hard to stay motivated. The temptation to sit in sweats and do nothing while Bella naps and sleeps is real guys, and it is strong! So literally every day I have to make conscious decisions to stay motivated. Oh sure it’s easy to get motivated. One moment of passion and BANG! You’re motived. Staying that way is an entirely different story. When the ebbs and flows of life take over and bills have to be paid, mouths have to be fed, and needs have to be met, motivation to do anything can just slip away.

Will and I are exiting a season where it has seemed like everything that could go wrong did. Yet we are more than conquerors and because of the grace of God we are coming out on top. More on that later. Motivation becomes an active choice at certain times in life. It becomes a discipline, and a darn hard discipline at that. I’ll tell you something though, it’s worth it. Daily choosing to motivate myself is one of the best things I could have ever done. It helped me get through PPD, Will and I pay off $18,000 of debt in 7 months, start this blog, and start another business (to name a few things).

One of my all time favorite quotes from Zig Ziglar that I try to live by is, “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” So what do you do to stay motivated? It’s all well and good to say re-motivate daily, but what are the practical steps to do that. Here’s what I have done and it has made a world of difference.

7 effective ways to stay motivated. These practical steps, when implemented into every day life will help to sustain your motivation regardless of circumstances and emotions.

Create a Vision Board

This is huge. Create a board or booklet that encompasses your vision. Sounds simple enough right? That’s because it is. However it’s amazing how many people never actually define what they want and some plausible steps on how to get there. Put it where you can easily reach. When things start to look hopeless, or like you’re not making any progress, open that bad boy and your whole perspective will shift. I did mine with Dream Journey Studio (this is not a paid advertisement, I just love them so much I have to give them a shout out). If you’re in Los Angeles they do workshops and lead you through how to make yours. Hands down one of the best things I have ever done.

Have a Life Mission Statement

What is your purpose in life? Bam! Another toughy right? A big key to staying motivated is to know what motivates you in the first place. That ties in with purpose. Create a short sentence that summarizes how you want to fit in this world. Memorize it. Put it on the bathroom mirror. Look at it and think about it all the time. Make decisions that go in accordance with it. This statement can change throughout your life as you do, but it so helps with discernment in each season of your life. My life mission statement is, “Make life better and make it beautiful.”

Actually Work

Ha! I always laugh at this one because so many people who come to me wondering how to accomplish their dreams never get past the visualization stage and then wonder why things aren’t moving forward. Guess what guys? It takes work! This seems like “Duh.” but actually working toward what you want trips up a lot of people. Why? Because it takes faith. It’s a risk. Things could go wrong, but oh could they go right! The older I get the more I realize if you are not actively doing something, you’re sliding backwards. There is no staying in the same place.

If you haven’t achieved the life you are dreaming about, roll up those sleeves and do something about it. Be intentional. If all you can do right now is pray for five minutes a day about that, or network occasionally, or research something then do that. My husband and I were paying off debt for the last 7 months, so there wasn’t a lot of brain space for achieving dreams. Guess what, we worked on our dreams about half an hour a week. That’s all we could do. Now we’re able to ease things up a little thanks to being done with debt and we are able to focus more time on the stuff we really want.

Take Care of Yourself

It’s hard to feel motivated if you are sluggish and unhealthy. I understand there are seasons where somethings like not getting a full night’s sleep can’t be helped. But keep them at that, seasons. Don’t let a few months turn into decades. Again, be intentional. Take your vitamins. Eat healthy, live foods. Exercise. Sleep well. Manage stress. Seriously. Take care of yourself!! You only get one body and one life. Treat it with respect.


Most days I have a time of prayer, reading the Bible, singing a praise song or two, and some quiet time. The whole thing takes 20-30 minutes. I don’t have much more time than that currently. It turns out babies take a huge amount of your time haha. That’s the time I have however. I set it aside. It centers me, and keeps me grounded. My perspective stays on point. When there are days I don’t do this everything else becomes harder, including motivation. Jesus is the number one person that motivates me, to live a life like Him. When I recharge and take time to focus on this, it’s like my whole life falls into alignment.


The laws of attraction are powerful folks. It’s as simple as what you focus on increases. When you are focusing on the things that motivate you, those things will start to manifest in your life. There is a caveat here though. Like I said in the “Actually Work” category. You have to then actually work. Visualization, though, is a powerful way to keep what your dreams are at the forefront of your mind. It helps you not get sidetracked and make decisions accordingly.


Faith comes by hearing and hearing of the word. Speak life into yourself. Make a list of declarations of how you would like to be and speak them as if you already are that way. Again, these are powerful reminders of who you are and they keep you focused. The more you say, “I am successful.” the more you will believe it. The more you believe it, the more your actions will embody it. They more your actions embody it, the more you become it.

There you have it. These are the seven things I have done for as long as I can remember to stay motivated on a day-to-day basis. Some days are easier than other to do these things, but I am so glad that I have set my face like flint and done them. What are some things you do to keep you motivated?



    • Seriously it’s the best! I made mine small enough to carry around with me. Helps so much!

  1. I agree 100% I just created my first dream board and I love the idea of having a LIFE mission statement! Why not!? I already know what I want, but having it in words would do wonders. Thanks for the good read.

    • I’m tellin yeah it took my life to a whole other level! Have fun with your dream board!! So much fun!

  2. I LOVE your tip on taking care of yourself! I recently had a week or so where I was feeling so unmotivated to work. I ended taking a day off to relax and take care of myself and it helped me more than I could’ve imagined! 🙂

    • Yeah that one totally helps me! I actually now try to take one day a week to do that, and it works wonders! 🙂

    • You’re so welcome! Have fun making that vision board! I love having mine around, really helps! 🙂

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