3 Things You Can Do to Feel Beautiful

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A woman laying in a pile of leaves with the title: 3 things you can do to feel beautiful

We all have those days right? The kind where you look in the mirror and you see an ogre looking back at you, and you have this sneaking suspicion that an ogre is actually prettier than the mess you seem to be? Forget feeling beautiful. You’d settle for acceptable! There are those days where you feel like an a-list celebrity walking down the red carpet because you’re so stinking fabulous, and today was just not one of them. In fact it was in the exact opposite direction of that fabulousness. So how do you combat ogrehood? Yes I just made up that word and I like it!

I have three tricks up my sleeve that help me every time I’m tempted to get in a bad mood because I took a wrong turn and landed in ogrehood. They are easy, quick, cost no money and help me start to feel confident and beautiful once again.

  1. SmileA beautiful woman with long, wind blown hair and glasses smiling

    Whenever I get into ogrehood, a smile is a sure thing to combat it. Think of some of your favorite things that put a smile on your face. Go do something fun. Stop tearing yourself down in front of the mirror. No one looks good with a frown! So turn that frown upside down and smile. You will feel so much more attractive as you smile. Not to mention smiling has been proven to lower stress and release endorphins. Yay for happy hormones! Happiness is a beautiful thing and consequently I believe we are at our most beautiful when we are smiling and happy.

  2. Compliment YourselfA beautiful blonde woman brushing her hair while striking a pose in front of the mirror.

    So you’re standing in front of the mirror. Having said, “Mirror, mirror on the wall who’s the fairest of them all?” with the mirror replying, “Not you.” You feel a bit deflated. It is so easy to look in that mirror and see all of the “flaws.” I put flaws in quotes because I don’t believe in body flaws. They are a subjective cultural mindset. I believe that each one of us is wonderfully and beautifully made. Anyway, the moment we see all of those “flaws” those negative body image thoughts start running a muck. “I need to lose weight. Geez, I can’t believe how big my thighs are. I wish I could get rid of that cellulite. My arms are flabby. My stomach’s too big. I wish my lips were fuller.”

    I mean seriously, that’s the tip of the iceberg of the nastiness that we can throw at ourselves. To combat that type of thinking I like to compliment myself. Sometimes it’s really hard at first, I’m not going to lie. However I’ll start with the thing that I like the most, and let it snowball. “I like my smile. I think I have a nice butt. My legs are athletic and toned. I think I have cute ears. I like that my hair can go both curly and straight and look good.” I will keep doing this until I believe it, and until I feel beautiful again.

  3. Mix it UpA beautiful woman looking in a compact mirror and holding red lipstick after putting it on

    Sometimes the only thing I need to do to start feeling beautiful again is mix things up. I’ll look at my wardrobe and see if there’s new ways that I can pair old clothes. Gives me a whole new look. Oftentimes I’ll look for ideas on Pinterest and see if there’s anything I can do to bring about subtle changes to keep me from feeling like I’m in a rut. Some days I’ll do a new hair style, or I’ll accessorize differently. Whatever you need to do to shake things up, do it. You’ll feel so refreshed and beautiful.

    Pick flowers and put them in your hair, or make a flower crown. Try something new with your make-up, or choose not to wear any that day. Or maybe mixing it up has nothing to do with the way you look that day. Maybe mix up your schedule. Go do something that you don’t normally do. There are times where just taking a walk can help me feel alive and beautiful again, just because it was out of my usual routine.

The fact of the matter is we are all beautiful in our own ways. There are just days when we have to be reminded of it. Remember, ogrehood is only a feeling. You don’t have to stay there. Just turn right back around to fabulousness and you will be feeling just that… fabulous. What are some ways you use to get out of ogrehood and back to fabulousness?



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